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About CAN

What is the COA Administrators’ Network?

Upon a recommendation of the COA Board, the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) Administrators’ Network was created by a group of oncology practice administrators who, among other things, wanted to increase and enhance communications among practices. Unity in community oncology is more important than ever in these challenging times and COA is committed to helping practices through advocacy, communications, and education.

The COA Administrators’ Network is referred to as “CAN” — reflecting the can-do spirit of community oncology practice administrators. The mission of CAN, consistent with the overall mission of COA, is to enhance communications among practice administrators within community oncology practices, especially relating to operational and reimbursement issues. COA is focused on protecting and enhancing the community oncology delivery system where the majority of American’s with cancer receive treatment. In like manner, CAN is focused on increasing practice operating efficiencies and in providing a unified advocacy voice with both Medicare and public payers.

Please contact our Co-Chairs of the COA Administrators’ Network, Kim Woofter, Advanced Centers for Cancer Care, at kimwoofter@ac3health.com or Maryann Roefaro, Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York at mroefaro@hoacny.com , if you have any questions regarding this network.

Kim Woofter
Kim WoofterCAN Co-Char / Executive Vice President
Advanced Centers for Cancer Care
Maryann Roefaro
Maryann RoefaroCAN Co-Chair / CEO
Hematology Oncology Associates of Central NY