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Thank you for your interest in the COA Administrators’ Network (CAN). Community Oncology Alliance (COA) offers a by invitation only forum to oncology practice administrators and department managers. This includes a monthly webinar addressing the key issues and updates that are important to cancer care. These monthly conference calls are in addition to an interactive email list-serve that is available only to administrators/managers who register.

COA Administrators' Network (CAN) was created in 2007 by a group of cancer care administrators who wanted to increase and enhance communications of key operational and reimbursement issues that were impacting quality and efficient cancer care. CAN has been proactive and heavily involved in protecting and preserving quality cancer care while also facilitating the communication of significant operational and regulatory issues. The team has grown to approximately 300 and we welcome you to become a member of this incredible team led by oncology administrators for oncology administrators.

In order to complete your registration for this interactive email list-serve and participate in the monthly webinars, please complete the Contact Us/Email Subscription form below.

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