Medicare Administrative Contractor (A/B MAC)

First Coast Service Options
532 Riverside Avenue
P.O. Box 2078
Jacksonville, FL 32231
Tel:  (904) 791-6613
Fax: (904) 791-8006

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Carrier Medical Director
James Corcoran, MD
First Coast Service Options
532 Riverside Avenue – 20T
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Tel:  (904) 791-8211
Fax: (904) 791-6115

Oncology CAC Representative(s)

Oncology CAC Representative
Thomas Marsland, MD
Orange Park Cancer Center
2161 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 200
Orange Park, FL 32073
Tel:  (904) 272-3139
Fax: (904) 272-6521

Oncology CAC Alternate

Robert Cassell, MD
Lakeland Regional Cancer Center
3525 Lakeland Hills Boulevard
P.O. Box 91057
Lakeland, FL 33804
Tel:  (863) 603-6565
Fax: (863) 603-6576

Other States/Territories Covered Under MAC Jurisdiction 9:
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands
Hematology CAC Representative(s)

Hematology CAC Representative
William Harwin, MD
Florida Cancer Specialists
15681 New Hampshire Court
Fort Myers, FL 33908
Tel:  (941) 437-4444
Fax: (941) 437-5788

State Oncology/Hematology Society

Florida Society of Clinical Oncology

State Managers' Association

Oncology Managers of Florida

State Medical Society

Florida Medical Association

State Department of Insurance

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

200 East Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 413-3140

Prompt Pay Law (Florida Statute 627.613): 1)  The contract shall include the following provision:

"Time of Payment of Claims: After receiving written proof of loss, the insurer will pay monthly all benefits then due for (type of benefit) . Benefits for any other loss covered by this policy will be paid as soon as the insurer receives proper written proof."

(2)  Health insurers shall reimburse all claims or any portion of any claim from an insured or an insured's assignees, for payment under a health insurance policy, within 45 days after receipt of the claim by the health insurer. If a claim or a portion of a claim is contested by the health insurer, the insured or the insured's assignees shall be notified, in writing, that the claim is contested or denied, within 45 days after receipt of the claim by the health insurer. The notice that a claim is contested shall identify the contested portion of the claim and the reasons for contesting the claim.

(3)  A health insurer, upon receipt of the additional information requested from the insured or the insured's assignees shall pay or deny the contested claim or portion of the contested claim, within 60 days.

(4)  An insurer shall pay or deny any claim no later than 120 days after receiving the claim.

(5)  Payment shall be treated as being made on the date a draft or other valid instrument which is equivalent to payment was placed in the United States mail in a properly addressed, postpaid envelope or, if not so posted, on the date of delivery.

(6)  All overdue payments shall bear simple interest at the rate of 10 percent per year.

Florida Board of Pharmacy

Rebecca Poston
Executive Director
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #C04
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3254
Phone: 850/245-4292
Fax: 850/413-6982
Web site: http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/pharmacy/



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